Unboxing a Well-Preserved, Vacuum-Sealed US Army Emergency Survival Food Ration From 1906

Documentarian Steve Thomas (previously), who describes himself as having “a passion for the ration”, discovered an incredible set of vacuum-sealed US Army emergency survival food ration from 1906. Thomas explains the history of each tin box as he examines it. Although he had a bit of difficulty opening the first can, he found the pemmican inside to be incredibly well preserved.

A truly astounding food discovery, this incredibly well-preserved vacuum-sealed can of pemmican and chocolate stood the test of time. The first true long-term storage survival ration, it was ahead of the rest of the world’s packaged military food technology.

Thomas then prepared the meals in the various manners suggested such as frying the cakes, making porridge and even eating it raw. His final take: not bad.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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