uBeam Is Developing Wireless Charging Technology That Uses Ultrasound to Charge Devices

uBeam Ultrasound Charging Technology

Los Angeles-based startup uBeam is developing a wireless charging technology that will allow people to charge their devices without cords and without having to be right next to the charging station. The company’s technology converts electricity to ultrasound, which is then picked up by a receiver in the device, where the ultrasound is converted back into energy. The transmitters can fill a room with ultrasound, charging any devices that are equipped with receivers (much as Wi-Fi can provide connectivity to an entire room). Larger transmitters are being developed for stadiums and other large spaces. uBeam’s charging technology is expected to enter the market within the next two years. The New York Times has more on uBeam and its charging technology.

photo by Nick Bilton/The New York Times

via The New York Times

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