Two Year Old Horse Whispering Toddler Bonds With the Many Horses on Her Family Farm

A really cute two year old horse whispering toddler has developed an incredibly deep bond with all of the horses she cares for on her family farm. Her mom stated that she really has a talent for equine communication.

She just always wants to be with them and that they’re always just so gentle with her. Most foals are really unpredictable and you never know what they’re going to do. Even when she’s messing with him he just lays there and accepts it he’s always just been so good with her.

Her mom also said that she wished her daughter had a little fear of the giant animals.

She has zero fear. I wish she was a little more afraid. Horses can be really big and scary. …I’m always still cautious. Like she’ll sit brushing their tails and I’ll sit holding the back end of the horse so that then they know that we’re there … at any point in time a horse could spook, something could happen but it’s hard to live scared and just not let her around them because I’m scared.

via Neatorama