Two Spooked Llamas Take Off From Their Trailer and Send Rescuers on a Televised Wild Goose Chase in Arizona

Llama Drama

A couple of free-spirited llamas in Sun City, Arizona sent the Maricopa Sheriff’s Posse on a televised wild goose chase throughout the city before they were finally captured by three onlookers. The llamas made for an unusual sight around the Phoenix area neighborhood and it didn’t take long for the entire country to fall in love with the camelid couple, so much so that the ensuing chase became a trending topic on Twitter.

During the hour-long chase, the animals dodged cars as they crossed Thunderbird Boulevard, disobeying pedestrian and vehicular laws and forcing those who were following them through neighborhoods to run in circles. …The pair was separated briefly during the chase, but found each other again shortly before the black llama was lassoed in by two citizens near 103rd Avenue. Alone, the ivory-hued llama fended for itself against its assailants for another 15 minutes before it was finally lassoed by an onlooker who was riding in the bed of a pick-up truck alongside the animal.

It appears that the llamas were being taken to an elder care facility in order provide animal therapy. Three llamas were being transported, but only two of them ran when the trailer door opened.

Llama Capture

Llama in Park

Llama in Parking Lot

Llamas on Sidewalk

images via AZCentral