Two Friends Launch Indiegogo Campaign to Open the First Dog Cafe in New York City

Dog Cafe in Korea

Inspired by the recent popularity of cat cafes around the country, friends Maggie Cee and Mandy Chow decided that they wanted to open the first dog cafe in New York City, similar to the ones they saw while traveling through Korea, and launched an Indegogo campaign to raise the funds they need to start making their vision a reality.

Our vision for this dog cafe is to benefit both people and dogs. Dog lovers like us (especially others Manhattanites who do not have room for their own dog) can come to Dog Cafe, have a drink, play with dogs and relax. Dog owners will have a place to bring their dogs when they want to grab a drink or a bite. And most importantly, Dog Cafe will help dogs find homes! All of our dogs will be from a no-kill shelter, available for adoption. Hopefully, we will find happy homes for our furry friends.

High on their priority list is ensuring a memorable experience for the customers and a safe environment for the dogs, while also meeting the stringent requirements set by the New York Department of Health.

Creating a safe and enjoyable home for our dogs and dog lovers is our #1 priority. Because dogs need to be able to run around, a big space will be required. …To provide a fun play area for the dogs, our plan is to build a dog playground on one side of the café. The playground will be concealed in a glass room with a separate entrance as the seating area to meet the guidelines of the Department of Health and Inspection. Customers will be able to enjoy their coffee and quick bites while watching the dogs run around and play with each other in the playground, as well as join in on the fun themselves. This way we can also provide a fun and sanitary café for both the customers and the dogs.

Preliminary Floor Plans

images via Dog Cafe in NYC

via AM NY, Grub Street, Caroline McCarthy

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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