Two Curious Tree-Kangaroo Joeys Explore Caretaker’s House, Eat Spaghetti and Wrestle Teddy Bears

Two rescued tree-kangaroo joeys named Anneli and Kimberley have a wonderful time exploring the home of their caretaker, Margit Cianelli, eating spaghetti and wrestling teddy bears. The joeys will remain with Margit until they are ready to go back out into the wild in a couple of years.

During their time in care with Margit they will spend many months learning how to climb (inside and outside). They will also be taught which foods are safe to eat (even some spaghetti as a snack) and how to handle disputes with other tree kangaroos. At this age the joeys love to explore the furniture and wrestle with teddy bears. Preparing tree kangaroo joeys for the wild is a very long process, however Margit is committed to giving these 2 joeys the best chance possible of survival…Although tree kangaroo joeys are high maintenance and have a penchant for breaking many household items as they learn, Margit wouldn’t have it any other way.

On Margit's Shoulder

Joey Eating Leaf

Eating with Geoffrey

Joey Eating spaghetti

Joey in Blue Container

via Tastefully Offensive