Bakery Turns Hateful Internet Comments Into Yummy Cakes to Send to Those Who Made the Comments

The Troll Cakes Bakery and Detective Agency brilliantly turns hateful social media comments into yummy custom cakes that reflect said hateful comment in all its grammatically-challenged beauty. They then send the cake to the person who originally made the comment. They also include a copy of the comment in the box. Yet another example of throwing exquisite shade at trolls.

Consumers of this delicious service can either provide the commenter’s address themselves or leave it to the “detective” part of the bakery to do the heavy lifting of locating the troll’s address. A third option sends a cake to the White House upon verifying certain high-level trolling by the present resident.

Send us a troll comment and the address of whoever said it. We’ll turn the comment into a custom Troll Cake and mail it to their home or work. [or] …Send us a troll comment. We’ll investigate, make a custom Troll Cake, and mail it to the troll’s home or work. [or] …We’ll send a Troll Cake of your preferred Trump tweet to the White House – Now accepting Trump’s verifiable verbal troll comments. Move on [this offer] like a bitch!

Here’s how they do it.

Hateful Beth
Sorry Beth

Here are more examples of these fabulous shade-throwing cakes.

via Sad and Useless

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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