Liquid Death Canned Water Company Turns Internet Hate Comments Into Lyrics for a Death Metal Album

Greatest Hates Front

Liquid Death, a rather badass canned mountain water company, used the copious amount of internet hate comments they received and turned them into lyrics for their death metal album “Greatest Hates”, available for purchase as a limited edition 12″ vinyl record. The album is also available to stream.

Greatest Hates! An actual 10-song vinyl album of metal songs where the lyrics are all real internet comments left by the brand’s haters. Pre-order LD’s merch store or stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

Greatest Hates Back

This hilarious project was developed by Party Land and the songs were performed by musicians Gus Rios, Seth Ringler, Jim Malone, and Torin Ridgway.

The accompanying video also riffs on classic commercials.

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Lori Dorn
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