Chainsaw Artist Transforms a Tree Stump Into a Gorgeous Sculpture of a Bucket Pouring Water

Talented Romanian chainsaw artist Gabi Rizea transformed a half dead tree stump of an ash tree into a truly gorgeous illusory sculpture of water pouring out of a bucket entitled “Apa“. Working with local authorities, Rizea created this piece for public viewing at Tineretului Children’s Park in Craiova. Unfortunately, the process was a bit more challenging than usual because of the poor condition of the wood, but Rizea persisted, with amazing results.

(translated) Water sculpture made in a dry ash log …I’ve always worked with pleasure, even though much harder than usual because the torso was half rotten and with insect galleries in it. …It was designed for Craiova. Local authorities have provided wood, money for supplies, Logistics (electricity, transport)! …Thank you all for appreciating my sculpture from Tineretului Park. Thanks for the comments, thanks for sharing.

Photographer Bogdan Danescu captured gorgeous images of the artist at work.

via My Modern Met

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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