Trapped in a Commercial, A Musical Ad For Hot Pockets by Tobuscus

Commercial or evidence of EPIC Hot Pockets Mind Control? You decide.

Trapped in a Commercial” is an off the wall musical ad for Hot Pockets by Los Angeles-based comedian and actor Toby Turner (aka “Tobuscus“) that celebrates the new Limited Edition Cuban Style and Spicy Beef Nacho flavored microwaveable turnovers. The commercial features plenty of delicious looking Hot Pockets, epic background music and comical lyrics sung by Tobuscus in the same style as his literal trailers.

The beef is beefy, the spice is spicy,
The jalapeño compliments the onions nicely!
Now sing about the other one.
Cuban Style makes me smile.
too bad it’ll be gone in a while.
I’m going to the store to hoard up a pile.