A Clever Tote Bag That Turns a Cat Into a Lion

Cat Lion Bag

MiMi Custom Clothing created an adorably clever tote bag with a small, deliberate hole for a cat or a small dog to peek through and be turned into a lion. The outside of the bag features an embroidered lion’s mane and body, allowing instant transformation without fuss. The bag also features a safety strap to keep your pet secure.

This pet sling is designed for daily use such as walking, hiking, traveling, and all outdoor activities. Perfect suitable for small pets 9lbs. …This small dogs and cats sling carries your pets easily, simply put your puppy or kitten into the bag, attach safety strap hook to the vest harness or collar. 

The bag and other pet-friendly items can be purchased through the MiMiCustomClothing Etsy shop.

Cat Lion Bed Treat
Cat Lion Bag Empty

via My Modern Met

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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