Calculating the Total Length of the Cooked Noodles in a Pre-Packaged Serving of Instant Ramen Noodles

Calculating Ramen Noodle Length

Food investigator Curiosityandbeyond, who quite cleverly reverse-engineered canned corn to see how many ears were inside the can, decided to calculate the total length of the noodles in a pre-packaged serving of instant ramen noodles. After 5,543 centimeters (2,282 inches), however, he decided to stop as his point had already been made.

How Many centimeters of instant noodles is inside a pack of instant Ramen noodles? If one packet of instant Ramen noodles was a single noodle. How long would that one instant noodle be? Well, I decided to conduct a Ramen noodle experiment and find out.