Happy Tortoise Wiggles Her Backside Back and Forth Inside a Custom Built Shell Scratching Station

A beautiful African spurred (Sulcata) tortoise named Princess Neferu, who lives at Badger Run Wildlife Rehab in Klamath Falls, Oregon, contentedly wiggled her backside back and forth while seated inside a scratching station that a volunteer named Chuck built for her. The princess, as she’s known, really enjoys having her back scratched, and this thoughtful contraption certainly hits the spot.

Our Sulcata Tortoise ambassador, Princess Neferu, has a brand new favorite thing thanks to volunteer, Chuck R. Turtles & tortoises have nerve endings in their shells & can feel pressure & pain through their shells. As Princess demonstrates, they can react very positively toward being scratched. So Chuck designed & built this apparatus for Princess so she can scratch any itch whenever she feels like it.