Top Guys, A ‘Top Gun’ Stage Play Parody in San Francisco

Top Guys

Top Guys, a stage play parody of the classic 80s action drama Top Gun, takes place November 13 to December 14, 2013, at Stage Werx Theatre in San Francisco. The play is presented by SF IndieFest and Ham Pants Productions. Tickets are available online.

Remember Top Gun? Of course you do. Who could forget Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer hanging around in locker rooms, learning about male intimacy, playing volleyball, and occasionally even flying airplanes. All completely heteronormative right? Right. Just some guys flying airplanes. Big, strong airplanes. So if you feel the need…the NEED FOR SPEED, come and take a ride into the Danger Zone with the cast of Top Guys Live for our on stage comic send-up of Tony Scott’s blockbuster hit from the 80s and re-experience all the magical male-on-male combat, awkward encounters, and lost-n-found lovin’ feelings that made Top Gun great. The rest is classified. We could tell you, but then we’d have to kill you.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

image via SF IndieFest