‘Too Many Cooks’, A Bizarre and Absurd Parody of 1980s Television Opening Credit Sequences

Too Many Cooks” by Adult Swim and writer/director Casper Kelly is a bizarre and absurd parody of 1980s television opening credit sequences. It starts as a simple family sitcom, but continues through several transformations into the genres of gory horror, police procedural, sci-fi epics, and even a cartoon. With each genre change the music adapts with the tone and the theme song continues as the video introduces a seemingly endless list of characters. The IMDB page for “Too Many Cooks” lists dozens of characters, nearly all of whom have the last name Cook.

One recurring theme throughout is the character of Bill played by William Tokarsky who pops up frequently in the background of other characters’ introductions. Andy Baio caught a few more things people may have missed in the video.

via Andy Baio