A Chilling Compilation of The Titanic Sinking in Scenes From 100 Years of Film and Television

Captain JZH (Jake Z. Huller) compiled chilling footage from 100 years of film and television programs that portray the doomed R.M.S. Titanic as it finally sunk into its watery grave after hitting an iceberg on its maiden voyage. Some films within this time frame were excluded due to their lack of imagery.

Films excluded: In Nacht Und Eis, as there is no on-screen final plunge, Atlantic (1929) as the final plunge was cut and replaced by pitch black, and Raise the Titanic, as it was a deleted scene with only bits and pieces available from the TV show “Voyagers” which also reused footage from the 1953 film.

Huller is a self-described Titanic enthusiast with a Discord server for others like him.

Titanic Sinking 100 Years of Film

via Neatorama