Tiny Hamster Goes Trick-or-Treating With His Best Friends Dressed as the NYC Subway Pizza Rat

The beloved tiny hamster got into the Halloween spirit by dressing up as the infamous “Subway Pizza Rat” before going into a pumpkin-shaped haunted house with some of his best friends, including a robot-bedecked guinea pig and a fuzzy bunny clad in a blonde wig, all of whom enjoyed yummy treats as they went about trick-or-treating. Per the folks at Hello Denizen, the food is all critter friendly and the animals are given the best of care.

As always, we work closely with trainers to keep the hamsters safe and happy. All food is strictly reviewed to ensure it’s hamster-healthy. The gummy bears are made out of veggie juice; the taffy is carrot wrapped in rice paper; the candy corn is, well, corn with carrots; and the pumpkins are carved from carrots!

Tiny Hamster has also been very busy writing Tiny Hamster Is a Monster, his very own book documenting what happened when he accidentally ate some oozy green stuff.

Tiny Hamster

image via Hello Denizen

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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