A Touching Documentary About a Cincinnati Rocker Who Takes His Solo Act to Local Nursing Homes

“Goldie” is a short documentary by Ohio filmmaker Billy Miossi that tells the story of Tim Goldrainer, the somewhat outlandish frontman for The Menus, a popular Cincinnati cover band, who decided to take his solo act to retirement homes after his beloved mother went into long-term care for Alzheimer’s disease.

After his mother begins needing long-term care, a wild rock musician takes his performances to facilities like hers

Goldrainer explained that he was inspired by the people living at his mother’s facility.

I was there a lot. And she would doze off, and then I would just kind of bounce into another person’s room. Someone that I knew, or someone that I would see there all the time, and just sing a song. … And watch their expressions. My whole perspective changed. I said, “I’m gonna go a hundred miles an hour with this. I’m gonna go big.”

He also stated that he found an understanding of whatever the future holds in store.

Why would they not deserve it?…To live in a nursing home when they’ve lived all their lives in their homes, and were self-sufficient, and took care of themselves, and then to have somebody else take care of them is, it’s gotta be a downer…. Inevitably, we’re all kind of heading in that direction as we age. I want to go in and give ’em the best experience I possibly can.