These Are Their Stories, A Law & Order Themed Art Show

Law & Order

“Two Teens Disappear from a Museum” by Dyna Moe

Artist Brandon Bird is curating “These Are Their Stories”, an art show featuring work inspired by the television series “Law & Order”. It runs July 24-30 at Gallery Meltdown in Los Angeles, with a reception on July 28th.

For twenty years, the fictional prosecutors and detectives of “Law & Order” have navigated literally hundreds grotesque tragedies, moral quandries, and improbable crimes.

Each piece is an artist’s interpretation of a one-line episode summary from the DirecTV program guide. Like the series that inspired them, they are sometimes straightforward and sometimes offer a twist; sometimes they contain no easy answers, and sometimes they are just plain goofy.


“Crimefighters” by Brandon Bird

Brandon has been creating and curating “Law & Order” art for years, including making a “Law & Order” coloring book and Special Valentine Unit (SVU) valentines.

via Dyna Moe

Scott Beale
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