TheBackyardScientist Pours Seven Different Molten Metals Into an Aquarium Full of Water to See How They React

TheBackyardScientist recently poured seven different molten metals (including pewter, tin, lead, and aluminum) into an aquarium full of water. Due to each metal melting at different temperatures, they react differently as they hit the water with some continuing to flow like raindrops all the way down.

Ive been pouring 7 different metals into a 24″ tall aquarium over the weekend, and the results have been super cool! I poured metals with different melting points to see if they had any different effects when they came in contact with water. From Pewter (350f/170c) all the way to Thermite (4000f/2204c). Some of them exploded, some of them sank and made molten metal drippy-castles, but they were all interesting.