The Vis-à-Vis Clear Rolling Suitcase by Crumpler

Vis a Vis Suitcase Filled With a Variety of Items

Australian luggage company Crumpler has introduced the Vis-à-Vis clear rolling suitcase. The case is 68 cm tall, has a 70 L capacity, and is made of a custom clear polycarbonate so travellers can show off what they’re packing, quickly check for a specific item, or make an interesting statement while traveling.

You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide. The Clear polycarbonate Vis-à-Vis 68cm check-in trunk is an exciting chance to express yourself while you travel. Turn heads, breeze through customs and show off your favourite gear and stash your secrets in our complimentary Volume Rebates private packing cubes. Every detail, every feature of our Vis-à-Vis collection is on display in the clear trunk to prove that the award-winning Vis-à-Vis collection is the embodiment of quality, durability, and exhibitionism.

Vis a Vis Suitcase Empty

Vis a Vis Suitcase Filled With Red Things

via Weird Universe, Boing Boing