The Untold Truths of Rick and Morty

Looper has released a video where they share some of the untold truths about Adult Swim‘s animated television series Rick and Morty. They reveal that the zany show began as a parody of Back to the Future, Rick’s random burps are real, a lot of the dialogue is improvised, and much more.

Combining science-fiction action with deeply crude humor, a vast mythology, and just the tiniest bit of heart, Rick & Morty was an instant hit when it debuted on Adult Swim in late 2013. The creation of animator and voice actor Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon (creator of Community), the animated series depicts the adventures of Rick Sanchez, a spiky-haired, somewhat reprehensible and usually drunk scientist, and Morty Smith, his kind of dumb grandson, as they travel through space time, and alternate dimensions messing up history, the universe, and their own lives. (read more)