The Tesla Powerwall, A Large Rechargeable Battery Capable of Powering a Home

tesla power wall battery

The Tesla Powerwall is the latest offering from Elon Musk‘s electric car company Tesla Motors. The Powerwall is a large rechargeable lithium ion battery capable of powering a home. It can be paired with solar panels or tap into the electrical grid to charge, and comes in two models. There is a $3,000 7 kWh daily cycle model, and a $3,500 10 kWh daily cycle model. Multiple Powerwall batteries can be installed together to offer power to larger homes that might use more energy than a single battery can provide.

The Powerwall will begin shipping in Summer 2015, and customers can reserve theirs now through the Tesla site.

tesla power wall battery 2

tesla power wall battery 4

tesla power wall battery 3

photos via Tesla Motors