The Squid List: iCal, Mobile Version and Twitter

The Squid List

Here’s a few features you may not be aware of for The Squid List, the San Francisco Bay Area art, culture & technology events list that we have been running since 1996.

Subscribe To All Events In iCal

We recently upgraded Helios Calendar, the script we use for The Squid List, and one of the new features they added was the ability to subscribe to all events via iCal.

Mobile Version of The Squid List

We have a version of The Squid List that is optimized for mobile devices.

No word yet on a Helios Calendar iPhone app, but hopefully that’s in the works.

The Squid List on Twitter

In addition to our RSS and email subscription options, you can also follow The Squid List on Twitter.

For more information on The Squid List, see The Squid List FAQ.

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