The Squid List Gets A Re-Design As It Nears 10 Years

Squid List

The Squid List is our curated list of art, culture, and technology events taking place in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Squid List turns 10 this year (in September), so we felt it was time to make some updates and improvements to our old friend. Yesterday we launched a shiny new version of The Squid List using the Helios Calendar script.

One of the biggest changes with this re-designed version is that we flipped the list, so that the events are now added directly into the database first, then approved for the online calendar, which creates an RSS feed that then generates email for those who have subscribed to the new FeedBurner email list option. The list now goes out as a daily digest, with the event listings and descriptions, along with a link back to the online calendar. If you still want to receive individual announcements, then we recommend subscribing the RSS feed or subscribe using FeedBurner RSS-To-Email.

Some of The Squid List changes and features include:

– New calendar front-end. A facelift with enhanced functionality.

– Email is now generated from the RSS feed.

– The new event submission form includes a WYSIWYG editor and the event entries on the online calendar can now have embedded links, images and HTML. Careful with that blink tag.

– Advanced search features. You can now search by keyword, within date ranges, by city or by category. Finally you can track down all of those amazing Moraga events.

– Events now include links to lookup the venue location on Google Maps and the city weather information. Great for finding that hidden warehouse in Dogpatch along with knowing to bring a wool sweater for the San Francisco summer.

– New mobile page so you can access the Squid List on a cell phone or other mobile device. It makes you and your iPhone or Blackberry that much cooler.

For more info on The Squid List, please see The Squid List FAQ. If you are an event producer and you want to submit a Bay Area event to The Squid List, please see our Event Submission Guidelines.

Enjoy the new list and thanks for a great 10 years!

UPDATE 1: hCalendar support is on the todo list.

UPDATE 2: We now have a new email list option. It uses FeedBurner’s RSS-To-Email feature, which will send out a daily digest with full event descriptions.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

Scott Beale is the founder of Laughing Squid and is based in New York City. When not running the blog, Scott can be found posting on Threads and sharing photos on Instagram.