The Sexy Sax Man App, Reserve a Live Sax-A-Gram & More

Sexy Sax Man

image via The Sexy Sax Man

Plaster Labs has developed The Sexy Sax Man, an app for iOS devices based on the saxophone-playing prankster, Sergio Flores (aka The Sexy Sax Man). With the app, you can filter in Sergio to be “saxified” in your photos, get live news updates, watch his videos and more. However, the most awesome feature, in my opinion, is the ability to reserve a live Sax-A-Gram of your own. The app is available to download at the iTunes store.

Follow Sergio around the globe as he travels internationally, bringing his professional music and alter ego along for the ride. Explore his musical mind and experience the discography that goes beyond an 80s pop single.

The Sexy Sax Man App


Here’s the original video of The Sexy Sax Man prank:

via Saxagrams