The San Francisco Art House Project, An Initiative to Establish Live-Work Spaces for San Francisco Artists

The San Francisco Art House Project
The Montgomery Block art house in San Francisco

The San Francisco Art House Project is a new initiative that seeks to provide a place for artists in an increasingly unaffordable San Francisco through the establishment of live-work buildings specifically set aside for artists. The project’s creator, writer P Segal, suggests that individuals, non-profits, or for-profit companies could establish art houses as investments or outright philanthropy. People interested in supporting the project can find out how to do so on the project website.

Cities need artists. This city lost a fortune of creative energy. Returning artists to San Francisco is like replanting native plants and reintroducing indigenous fauna, restoring a balance in the human biosphere. Unlike some modern problems, this is one that can be easily fixed and perhaps made better than it ever was. The Art House Project proposes how this can be done, in a practical way that is a win-win for everyone.

photo via San Francisco Art House Project

E.D.W. Lynch
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