A Satirical Animated Look at the Rise and Fall of AI

Animator Alex S. of Lazy Square collaborated with 1inch on an amusing yet satirical look at the rise and fall of AI.

I present to your attention the third collaboration with 1inch. A little up-to-date agenda wouldn’t hurt.

He breaks the lifeline into four stages: the early days, when people embraced its shiny innovation and convenience; the middle period, when AI began replacing humans in the workplace and world problems were being solved; the late period, when humans rebelled against their machine-learning overlords; and finally, the postscript, where dedicated groups of people wished for what they had in the past.

All coincidences with historical characters are, as usual, accidental. The 7 deadly sins are also included.

AI Peace
Third Stage AI

Here are the first two collaborations between Lazy Square and 1inch.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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