The Ripchair, A High-Powered Tread Wheelchair That Provides Off-Road Access to Anyone

Ripchair 3.0 Man With Pole

The Ripchair by Howe and Howe Technologies is a high-powered tread wheelchair that provides off-road access to anyone. The Ripchair has a 27 horsepower engine and features a ramp design that allows users to attach most powered or manual wheelchair designs. For chairs that don’t fit, Howe and Howe says they are able to modify the Ripchair to accommodate any special needs or custom requests.

Developed by Howe and Howe Technologies, Ripchair 3.0 is the ultimate off road chair. It’s the only off road setup that accepts your existing chair. Essentially, Ripchair is the ultimate powerchair upgrade. Each Ripchair is completely customizable, from hand controls to extras such as cup holders, gun racks, fishing rod holders and storage compartments.


Ripchair 3.0 an Traditional Wheelchair

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