The Real Walter White, The True Story of the Best Meth Cook in Alabama

When you hear the name “Walter White” combined with the word “methamphetamine” in the same sentence, the first thing that comes to mind is the main character from the series Breaking Bad. Surprisingly, there appears to be at least one exception to that rule. The Vice show Fringes found the real Walter White, a former meth kingpin from Alabama. Walter starts his interview with reporter Gianna Toboni rather ominously.

My name is Walter White and I’m a meth cook and for 10 years I had the best meth in Alabama. And if you wanted the best meth, you had to come this way, you had to come to me.

Walter goes on to talk about how he gave up his family and his construction job for the easy money of drugs, took on a partner and eventually quit the business after his lawyer warned him that he was being investigated. But not before being arrested in another county. Eventually, Walter’s partner turned on him and Walter found himself at the Foundry Rescue Mission & Recovery in Bessemer, Alabama, where he has since graduated. Now faced with a trial in April 2014, Walter seems to be at peace with whatever the outcome.

If I have to go to prison, I won’t be hurting anybody but myself this time. It’s just me answering up to the things I’ve done. My family, they’ve got jobs and lives. I won’t be hurting them this time.

Walter White

Walter Eddy White

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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