The Printing Press Machinists of The New York Times Open Up About Their Concern for the Future

A day without ink is like a day without sunshine.

In the premiere episode of the new Motherboard series “State of Repair”, the amazing machinists who have taken care of the New York Times’ printing presses. Along with their evident pride of a job well done, the men cited concerns about the age of the machines, the scarcity and what the future holds for newspapers. Almost 40 years ago, men in the printing room expressed the same concern when hot metal typesetting gave way to cold type.

…we visited the New York Times printing plant to meet Greg Zerafa, Jerry Greaney, and Chris Bedetto, who are part of a dying breed of machinists that keeps the newspaper’s eight three-story printing presses humming and spitting out hundreds of thousands of newspapers every single day.