The Piano Guys Perform a Beautiful Rendition of the ‘Jurassic Park’ Theme Song at Crawdad Canyon

The Piano Guys performed a beautiful rendition of John Williams‘ theme song for the film Jurassic Park in their new video, “Jurassic World Sonata”. They played the “chill, almost reverent” cover at the majestic Crawdad Canyon in Veyo, Utah.

When you combine Michael Crichton’s imaginative writing, Stephen Spielberg’s cinematic directing, and John Williams’ transcendent composition, it’s an infallible recipe for an epic movie – now relived in the latest iteration of the series, “Jurassic World.” We thought we’d pay tribute to this “hat trick” of artistry by arranging a “chill,” almost reverent version of John Williams’ deeply emotive theme from Jurassic Park and film it in the nearest prehistoric place we could find: Crawdad Canyon. We hope you enjoy it!

Here’s the original Jurassic Park theme song.