How Alienation, Loneliness and Lack of Control Drive the Characters of Mr. Robot to Act the Way They Do

In an incredibly insightful video essay, Wisecrack host Jared Bauer takes a look at the theme of alienation, loneliness and lack of control that pervades every corner of Sam Esmail‘s sublime television series Mr. Robot, pointing to the social culprits of consumerism, religion, wealth and self-awareness.

It’s only when Elliot admits that Mr. Robot is his own creation, that he can finally carve a path out of his own alienation. When we’ve mixed-up the relationship between God and the world around us, the world becomes confusing. Cause and effect seem to invert themselves, reality slips away, and we lose touch with our fellow man. No longer are we the drivers of our fate, but events are laid out by the divine, or your imaginary friend.