The Fascinating Lives of People Who Rule Over Micronations of Their Own Design

Vice News went to Dunwoody, Georgia to speak with attendees of MicroCon, a biennial four day event for the self-declared rulers of the independently declared states around the world. While these micronations are not officially recognized within the country of residence, many of their leaders enjoy the trappings of royalty and respect.

Molossia. Slobovia. The Aerican Empire. If you don’t remember any of these countries from geography class, you’re not alone. They are all “micronations,” self-declared sovereign states not formally recognized by any official authority (other than each other). This summer, representatives from 27 of these would-be fiefdoms gathered for a summit in Dunwoody, Georgia. While several of these micronations claim that they are their own autonomous countries, many are created as a political protest, for artistic reasons or as a social experiment.