The Ostrich Pillow Light, A Unique Combination Neck Pillow and Sleep Mask for More Comfortable Travel

Ostrich Pillow Light Worn as Mask

The Ostrich Pillow Light by Studio Banana Things is a combination neck pillow and sleep mask for more comfortable travel. The pillow features noise-reducing beads for quiet travel, and the lightweight construction means it can be worn comfortably on long flights.

When traditional travel pillows just don’t cut it anymore, it’s time to bring in the Ostrich Pillow Light. This unique pillow can be worn as neck support or a giant sleeping mask, both providing the pillow cushioning you need to sleep like a rock. With sound reducing filling and a lightweight body, this cozy pillow is just what you need to survive your next trip.

Ostrich Pillow Light Alone

Ostrich Pillow Light Reversed

Ostrich Pillow Light Drawstring

Glen Tickle
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