The Ohio River Project, Junk Art Boat to Float Down the Ohio River

On July 9, 2012, Chicken John Rinaldi and his crew will take a handcrafted junk art boat to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and launch it on the Ohio River for The Ohio River Project. They will entertain audiences along the way with performances of Bigfoot: The Musical. A fundraising campaign has been started on Kickstarter to get this amazing project off the ground (and the pledge items are great).

Every year we build sturdy oceangoing boats made of trash, pick a destination and just do it. Trips in the past have included 750 miles of the Mississippi River, 300 miles of the Hudson, traversing the Adriatic Sea from Slovenia to Venice, and a stint on the Ganges.

This year we’ve selected the largest and most populated river in America, the Ohio River, for the summer’s trek. We built an amazing boat out of old books and pianos, reclaimed lumber, and a two-story pedal-powered Ferris Wheel. We are bringing a production of Bigfoot: the Musical, free to audiences on the river.

The Ohio River Project