A Hilariously Deadpan Web Series Featuring Single Shot Episodes Without Dialogue or Camera Moves

Filmmaker Andy Lambert has created The Mute Series, a hilarious independent web series with short, single-shot episodes that feature neither dialogue nor camera movement. Each of the episodes is about two minutes long with very subject-focused stories shot in deadpan film minimalism.

The MUTE Series is a collection of single-take miniatures that report on the vagaries of human behaviour. Casting a deadpan, mordant eye over mini-scenes of incongruity, it sees the funny side of greed, conformity, chance, desire and various other traits of modern life. …Fed up with unnecessary dialogue, excessive camera moves and cuts every few seconds, Lambert has opted to do away with all these things pledging allegiance to three strict rules:

RULE 1 no dialogue
RULE 2 no camera moves
RULE 3 only one shot

A new round of films for the series is being released on February 25, 2020, all with a cinematic reference.

Now a brand new batch of three MUTE films is being released on 25 February 2020, evidence that the “independent web series” is still alive and kicking. The new episodes introduce a cinematic theme to the series featuring some unexpected movie allusions, although the signature droll sensibility is ever-present. The new films are:
Deliverance 1’45” (A pithy re-envisioning of the John Boorman 1970s classic… with a contemporary twist.)
Scene Stealer 2’ 07” (An illustration of how everyone is a director now.)
Dust Devil 1’ 33” (An absurdist duel in the sun. Shot in Almeria, Spain, in the same location that Sergio Leone used for The Good, The Bad & The Ugly)

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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