The Krampus and The Old, Dark Christmas, Al Ridenour’s Vivid History of the Mythic Bogeyman

In his new book The Krampus And The Old, Dark Christmas: Roots and Rebirth of the Folkloric Devil, author Al Ridenour, a longtime friend of Laughing Squid, offers a vivid illustrated history of the titular horned, anthropomorphic goat-like demon from its roots in Austro-Bavarian Alpine folklore to its modern manifestations and celebrations.

Lots and lots of pictures here and strange facts way beyond your basic Krampus wiki. Lots of related lore — Alpine witchcraft mania, medieval christmas plays and their gory special effects, processions of infant ghosts, murder and crimes committed by mobs of costumed st. nicholases (in the 1800s), Christmas werewolves, flying Alpine devils, musical Alpine ghosts, malevolent versions of Catholic saints stalking the woods with bloody hammers… many, many things you would not expect but might like to know.