The Incredible Humans Who Take Humane Action to Quell the Population of Feral Cats in New York City

In their short film “Cats of the Urban Wild“, reporter Sky Dylan-Robbins of The New Yorker takes a closer look at the ever-growing feral cat population in New York City and the incredible humans who take humane action to try to quell the flow. Cat expert Anitra Frazier emphasizes the important differences between feral and domestic cats.

Feral cats think of themselves as prey. They behave as if any creature would like to catch and kill them and eat them for dinner. There’s no difference, anatomically, biologically between Chumley [a domestic cat] here and a feral cat. It’s in their mind. Chumley loves his home, a feral doesn’t want to be in a home. A feral thinks of himself as either predator or prey.

Currently, there is a bill in New York State awaiting Governor Cuomo’s signature which would help fun T.N.R. projects and save the feral cat population from being euthanized.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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