The Importance of Being Alone With One’s Own Thoughts While Staring Out of a Window

In “The Importance of Staring Out Of The Window“, the School of Life offers thoughtful insight into how important it is to simply take a break from the day’s stresses and just figuratively and/or literally stare out of a window.

The point of staring out of a window is, paradoxically, not to find out what is going on outside. It is, rather, an exercise in discovering the contents of our own minds. It’s easy to imagine we know what we think, what we feel and what’s going on in our heads. But we rarely do entirely. …The potential of daydreaming isn’t recognised by societies obsessed with productivity. But some of our greatest insights come when we stop trying to be purposeful and instead respect the creative potential of reverie. Window daydreaming is a strategic rebellion against the excessive demands of immediate (but ultimately insignificant) pressures – in favour of the diffuse, but very serious, search for the wisdom of the unexplored deep self