The Houndstooth Glitch Button Down Shirt and Dress by Doctor Popular and Betabrand

Doc Pop Glitched Houndstoof Shirt

Doctor Popular and Betabrand have collaborated to create the Houndstoof shirt and Houndstoof dress using Doctor Popular’s Houndstooth Glitch pattern. The pattern features a number of digitally created glitches in the traditional houndstooth print, meaning each article made from the fabric should have its own unique artifacts.

The design is a submission that Doctor Popular made through the Betabrand Think Tank in late 2015.

Both the dress and the shirt are currently in the Betabrand crowdfunding phase where prospective buyers can preorder the items at a discount.

Houndstooth Glitch Banner GIF

Houndstooth Glitch Yo Yo

Houndstoof Shirt Chest

Houndstoof Shirt in Profile

Houndstoof Dress on Sitting Woman

Houndstoof Dress Pocket