The Healing Box Project, A Wonderful Program That Uses Guitar Lessons to Help Injured Veterans Heal

The Healing Box Project is a truly wonderful program in rural Missouri, that seeks to help injured veterans find purpose, dexterity, and recovery through music, specifically guitar. The program was founded by Dave Dunklee, a musician who decided to use his talent to help others and who, with his wife CJ, found a way to do just that. Dunklee took on this project because he understood the frustration of recovery, as he survived a serious head injury that took away the sight in his right eye, and how a guitar can greatly help in the healing process.

It helps them with their neurology, brain skills and takes the guitarist away from the stress of coping with a life-changing injury . It helps these soldiers, who are very active by nature, to set goals for themselves and have some fun, too. It is “exercise for the brain,”…But music and guitar playing go far beyond just that. Finger manipulative abilities, improved attitude, rhythm like a heartbeat and satisfaction from successfully making music only cover the neurological benefit in general terms. Playing music maximizes their recovery.

The Healing Box is a non-profit organization and welcomes financial donations through their site. They also appreciate any guitar donations that come their way.

via The Missourian, Thalia Capos

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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