The Hammered Steel & Found Object Sculptures of Greg Brotherton

The Calculator
Welded steel, cast pewter, cash register and adding machine parts

Racer 8
Welded steel, concrete, teak, magnifying lens, wrist watches, ceramic, needle-nose pliers, typewriter key

3 Wheeled Horn
Welded steel, French horn parts, sewing machine parts, found gauge, concret

Artist and co-owner of Device Gallery in San Diego, Greg Brotherton, creates unusual sculptures of hammered steel and unusual found objects like french horns, antique typewriters and wrist watches. The entire gallery of his sculptures is available to view online.

With a consuming drive to build things that often escalate in complexity as they take shape, Greg’s work is compulsive. Working with hammer-formed steel and repurposed objects, his themes tend to be mythological in nature, revealed through a dystopian view of pop culture.

via Colossal

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff