The Crucible’s 7th Annual Fire Arts Festival

Tending to the Fire

The Crucible presents their 7th annual Fire Arts Festival July 11-14 in Oakland, featuring this year’s centerpiece performance, The Fire Odyssey.

From July 11 to 14, The Crucible’s Seventh Annual Fire Arts Festival will once again amaze and astound visitors with a spectacular open-air exhibition of fire performance, fire sculpture, and interactive fire art. In addition to blazing sculpture, art, and performance, The Crucible’s annual celebration of creation through fire and light will include the Fire Odyssey, a modernized interpretation of Homer’s epic poem. This remarkable theatrical production blends industrial fire theatre with ballet, opera, aerial dance, and other performance styles and takes place on a stage that incorporates the Greek gods, personified as 35-foot-tall welded sculptures that interact with human performers. The Fire Odyssey will be the centerpiece of The Crucible’s Fire Arts Festival, with performances each evening of the festival. Each performance of the Fire Odyssey will feature a different set of opening and closing acts by musicians, performers, and theatrical groups making use of fire, giving a different flavor to each evening’s entertainment.

Here are photos of last year’s festival by Thomas Hawk.

photo by Thomas Hawk
Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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