The CoasterDad Project, A Backyard Roller Coaster Built by a Father and Son

The CoasterDad Project is an effort by Will Pemble to build a roller coaster in his backyard thanks to a question from his son, Lyle, asking whether they could in early 2013. The body of the coaster they’ve built is made of PVC pipes with a wooden frame, and the current cart consists of a steel frame with skateboard wheels on independent axles. Pemble’s YouTube channel includes a series of videos documenting the project thus far.

Today, our backyard roller coaster is an unending source of excitement, challenge, education, and connection. I love it because it brings together all the three things I love best. Physics, Family, and Fun. The whole family has been involved in the project. The neighbors check in and see how we’re doing.
Who knew all that could spring from one kid asking one question, and one dad saying, Yes.

via Hackaday

Rollin Bishop
Rollin Bishop