The Brand-New Kinetic Chandelier in Motion at the Leningrad Center in St. Petersburg, Russia

Ascreen Interactive Media has captured a beautiful demonstration of the brand-new kinetic chandelier that they helped install at the Leningrad Center in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The chandelier, composed of 1,089 light bulbs hung at 10-meters high, is controlled by software, and it can be choreographed to take on a number of different shapes and forms in accordance with each performance.

(translated) In St. Petersburg opened a new multi-format space Leningrad Center, where you can see fantastic kinetic chandelier. 1089 lamps, which change color and position in space. Specialists Group Ascreen directly participated in its installation. As part of an international team, our fitters and engineers worked for almost 3 weeks at a height of 10 meters. Chandelier moves for a given scenario, the control is using a special software. So for each performance spelled out its own dynamics and color chandelier. Leningrad Center is already open to the public, so that the magic of LED light and chandelier, which may take the form of a jellyfish, available to residents and visitors.

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