How the Massive Energy of a Spinning Black Hole Can Be Harvested With an Enveloping Mirror

In a dizzying animation, Munich design house Kurzgesagt explains the difference between spinning black holes and non-spinning black holes, how much energy a spinning black hole creates, the viability of the surrounding ergosphere and how an enormous energy bomb can be created with an enveloping mirror.

…the way to get energy from a black hole and oddly enough it builds the biggest bomb any living thing could ever hope. To build the black hole bomb we only need two things: a fast-spinning black hole and a big mirror. The mirror has to completely envelop the black hole once …our mirror is in place we only need to open a window and shoot electromagnetic waves at the black hole … by opening some windows in the mirror we can extract the energy from the waves as fast as they grow, which we could use in theory, to create what would be…an endless source of energy for trillions of years or we could blow it up.