Telephone Helicopter Applause Gunshot, An Adorable Music Video Featuring Dancing 8 Bit Characters

In this adorable music video for “Telephone Helicopter Applause Gunshot” by German band Lorenz Rhode, retro 8 bit characters dance along to the music in the midst of live action shots of Düsseldorf. The video is by German artist Anne Lucht. A companion interactive iPhone app that allows users to play DJ with the 8 bit characters has also been released in collaboration with Christian Sanders of Synse (demo video).

Anne Lucht’s visual music clip takes you for a trip round the town of Düsseldorf, Germany – the place where electronic music made some huge leaps 30-40 years ago with bands like Can, Neu! and Kraftwerk. A low-res alien gang bopping their heads to Lorenz Rhode’s krautrocky tune TELEPHONE HELICOPTER APPLAUSE GUNSHOT.