Fearless Teen Saves Her Dogs by Pushing Away the Protective Mama Bear Climbing Over the Backyard Wall

Brave and quick-thinking teenager Hailey Morinico ran out into the backyard of her San Gabriel Valley home in Southern California to save her dogs from a protective mama bear who was climbing the backyard wall.

The bear was walking along the wall with her three cubs, which immediately set off the dogs in the yard who started barking. The cubs ran away from the noise but the mama bear stayed and reacted. Luckily, Hailey had no fear when it came to her pups. She pushed the giant bear back over onto the other side of the wall, grabbed the dogs, and went back inside.

Hailey told NBC Los Angeles that all she thought about were her dogs.

I was like, ‘Oh my god, there’s a bear, and it is taking my dog. It is lifting it up off the ground….in that split second, I decided to push the bear, like it was nothing, apparently. I picked up my other dog, and I scrammed.

Fearless Teen Pushes Bear of Backyard Fence