‘Tangible Truths’, German Artist Crafts Beautiful Jewelry Using Cancer Patients’ Own Hair

Mary Beth

German artist Sybille Paulsen has found a beautiful way to allow those undergoing chemotherapy to “keep” their hair with “Tangible Truths,” a line of custom-made jewelry. Many times, people undergoing chemo treatment will preemptively shave their heads to avoid the distress and anguish of their hair slowly falling out. Paulsen takes this hair and combines it with wool threads, gold, silver, and resin beads in the person’s preferred colors to create a unique statement piece.

The themes of change and transformation run like a golden thread through our life. Some we welcome with open arms, while others we begrudgingly accept with a heavy heart. For my project TANGIBLE TRUTHS women who undergo chemotherapy leave their hair to me to transform it into a unique and personal piece of art. The title addresses the diverse experiences which are collected during this time. Each woman is touched differently by the sickness and its treatment. Not only the person concerned but also the people around them pass through a transformation in this period. Her partner, her family and friends experience her sickness in a personal manner as well.

Anyone interested in having a piece made for themselves or a loved one can contact Paulsen through her site and she will send detailed instructions on how to proceed. Donations to Tangible Truths can be made here.

Turquoise Beads




Back Turquoise

Green Beads 2

images via Sybille Paulsen

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